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Skin Care Review: Obagi Nu-Derm

by Alison


Great for acne, dark spots, small scars

Up front Cost, can take a while to see results

I've been on the Nu-derm system now for 2 cycles at 12 weeks each. Was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon as a non surgical way to get rid of my acne scars.

I have very sensitive skin, though I've used retin a before in the past, I still had very oily acneic skin that also had a ton of hard patchy scaring, and quite enlarged pores at the T zone.

I'm also african american and quite dark. I would say to others that you just have to stick it out, and with the clear and blender, use small amounts.

His script was for retin-a 0.25 3 nites a week. He started me off with a nu-derm normal/dry skin kit as he said the oily skin kit would be too strong for me.

Every night I would cleanse my face and use the toner then the blender (about a pea sized amount)on my entire face as was his recommendation. He also recommended I carry it to my neck and to my ears to blend it in so to speak. On the nights I had to use retin A I would mix in my hands a pea sized amount of retin a, a pea sized amount of blender and use this. In the morning I would wash my face, use toner, use the clear (3 times a week only) wait a few minutes. spray my face with rosewater and glycerin, let dry, then put on a regular sunscreen.

First 3 weeks was pretty crazy. I did have a lot of peeling but no burning or itching. I had some redness and my skin wasn't particularly pretty as I broke out something fierce...but week 4 was like really when I turned the corner! On the days the flaking was really bad. weeks 2 and 3 especially, I used rosewater and glycerin spray throughout the day. I would also keep this in the refrigerator as it felt awesome on my skin when cold! Certainly helped to keep my skin moist and happy!

By weeks 5-12 I went to retin A every night with the kit and started to use the clear every day. I used small amounts...the smallest I could get away with, which is probably the only way i could have made it through the first go round! My skin looked Pretty nice after 12 weeks! I still had some acne scaring though and some hard spots.

During the summer I can't use Obagi or retin a at all except Sun Fader. I burn way too much so I just maintain with a decent scrub and witch hazel. This fall I started course 2 and went full on with retin-a .5% and the nu-derm kit. This time around I noticed the hard acne scars faded by week 8. I now have no hard spots on my skin at all :-)

My pores look smaller (not tiny though) and I any peeling this time around. I have a small amount of flaking on my forehead from time to time and just amazing luminous skin.

I still have quite oily skin, I don't think thats going to go away, but acne happens only during my time of the month and it NEVER leaves behind scars and dark spots. I'm very pleased with how this system works.

I've never had skin so nice and smooth before but I can see the benefit of continuing this system!

You have to be regimented and diligent in your use.

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