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Skin Care Review: Laser Resurfacing

by Mia Barto


skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, anti-aging effects

downtime after procedure, pain, effects of anethesia

I underwent a laser resurfacing procedure at age 35 in order to improve the effects of long term acne [scarring, pigmentation] and to reduce some of the early signs of aging [fine lines and some deeper wrinkles around the eyes and forehead].

Laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure usually performed by a plastic surgeon at a hospital and requiring general anethesia.

I have difficulty with anethesia and have felt extremely sick with nausea after the few surgeries that I've experienced. This procedure was no different, unfortunately. After much suffering, including nausea, vomiting and dehydration, my doctor prescribed an anti-nausea medication. I would highly recommend anyone who might have also have difficulty with anethesia get a prescription before, not after, their procedure.

The most serious downside to this procedure is the downtime. And I mean downtime, in the most literal way. One cannot even go out in public for two-four weeks.

My face after the procedure looked like raw meat. Sorry to be gross but that's the only way I know to describe it. I had to keep my face covered with Aquafor [petrolatum] for two weeks until I was healed enough in order to begin wearing makeup again. The problem with this is that I suffered from cystic acne and having my skin covered in petrolatum was not helpful when I had an eruption while in the healing process and, unfortunately, ended up with a new scar in the process.

After the difficult 2-4 intial weeks, I was able to cover up the redness [which lasts up to 6 months] with makeup. I looked amazingly good at that point. My skin was smooth and taut and flawless looking. I could easily have passed for being in my late twenties.

Over time, this effect diminished, but there is no doubt that I had reversed the aging process for several years. I am now 41 and only began to notice a real acceleration in the aging of my skin at around 39. There is no telling what my skin would look like if I had not had the procedure, what I do know is the deep lines are still gone. I have some fine lines around the eyes but most people are quite surprised when they find out my age.

Overall, I was disappointed with the results that I was hoping to achieve with scar reduction. I am still looking for a good treatment. However, the anti-aging results for this procedure were excellent and for anyone willing to go through the cons of this procedure, you will likely be happy with the result.

There are new treatment that are less invasive now, however, and one might consider those first.

pros - excellent anti-aging effects. cons - poor to fair reduction of acne scars.

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