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Nivea Visage Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Nivea Visage Age Reversal
I am in my early 40's with fair normal/dry skin. I have quite a lot of wrinkles and I'm begining to notice slight facial sagg. This Vitamin c cream seems to have improved my skins fimness. It is light, non greasy and slightly perfumed. It.s not too ..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Day Care
I am 32 year old (170cm/58kg)and my skin is generally dry, but in rather good condition. I have got an olivy complexion and within the last two years I have started to get some lines around my eyes especially when I am smiling or laughing, which I do a lot... full text >>
Adverse Effects
nivea anti wrinkle q 10 plus
I have always been very skeptical about whether anti wrinkle creams work but my friend swears by them and she looks great so decided to give it a try. I chose nivea for the price not too expensive and like their products generally. I always tend to ..... full text >>
Nivea body skin firming lotion with Q 10
I used this lotion on my legs especially on my knees and the area above them. I used it almost daily during the summer on my forearms and legs and saw little or no effect. The lotion washes off with no lasting results of even much moisturizing... full text >>
No effect
Nivea Body with CO Q10
Nivea says that after two weeks of use your skin will be noticably firmer, but I did not find that to be the case! I don't think this lotion does anything that other body lotions don't do... except maybe knock you over backward with its fragrance. ..... full text >>
No effect
Nivea creme
the product has lasted over a year so in all, it has been a good investment considering the low price and the duration for witch i was able to use it and am still, by the way, using it. it lasts about 3 to 4 hours on the face before it dries out..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Exfoliating Cream
Nivea Visage Exfoliating Cream deeply cleanses pores and washes away dead skin cells in order to give your skin a softer, smoother and younger look. You must wash your face with hot water first in order to open the pores, then apply the cream and it will leave your skin looking sexy in just a week... full text >>
Nivea Hand Cream
I have tried everything that can be bought at a drug store or a beauty store - from inexpensive to expensive. Nivea Hand Creme in the small round blue tin is a wonderful hand cream and the fact that it is small enough to carry with you is a plus. I work with paper all day for a records department and I wash my hands quite often... full text >>
Nivea Invigorating Face Wash
i really like this product- when you have a late night or an early morning, and you can just feel you look awful, this is very good somehow at 'waking you up'. as you only use a little bit at a time, and only a couple of times a week, one tube lasts a long time... full text >>
Nivea Visage light moisturizing day care
The special UVA/UVB protection and Vitamin E protects the skin against external factors. I am now 30 years old and have been using this product for the past five years, it has kept my face smooth, protected and totally wrinkle free... full text >>
Nivea for Men Double Action Face Wash
The product was pretty good. I just bought it a few weeks ago. I put it on every morning usually after a shower and then put on the face wash . Let it dry for a few seconds and then wash it off. Your skin looks smoother and feels smoother as well but..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner
I'm a 20 something Asian with fair skin, and my skin type is combination/t-zone. I've been using this brand of toner for a few years, and also skipped it for awhile, but I'm going back to using it because it simply works for me. I apply it with cosm..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Night cream
I think it is a very good creamy lotion, and relaitvely inexpensive. I have very dry sensitive skin (excezma) and have used this product for a long time without any irritation. However, it is a little too heavy to wear during the day (clogged pores) and I would like to find an even better product at night (at least for my nose)... full text >>
Nivea Creme
My face is extremely sensitive. It borders on mild rosacea. My dermatologist has literally given up on telling me what products to use. I have tried lots of things but I am hesistant since most products make me a red rashy mess. Lately, I have take..... full text >>
Nivea Q10
I have a normal to dry skin type most of the time and am a 21 year old male student in Nottingham, England. I have only recently started to use body and face care products and was looking for a product that would combat the effect of a lot of late nights and revitalise my skin when it was looking dead and lifeless... full text >>
Nivea Visage Q10 advanced wrinkle reducer
I am 41 years old and have always had oily skin, not just in the "t" zone. I have breakouts occasionally but not as much as I used to. I am hispanic so my skin is slightly olive and tans easily. I dont really have alot of wrinkles overall but my sli..... full text >>
No effect
Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Eye Creme
I bought this so that I could protect the skin around my eyes. I bought this thinking that it would help my eye area, but instead, it seems everytime I have used it, I end up with crepey skin under my eyes... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Nivea Q10 Moisturizer
My mother is 70 years old and she looks quite young. She looks younger than she did when she was in her 40s. One difference is she fairly heavy now. It seems that extra fat can fill out the wrinkled areas... full text >>
Nivea Q10 night firming cream
Best night cream I have tried including the much vaunted and overpiced Creme de Mer. Really firmed up my skin and smoothed out rough patches. I liked it because it is not so rich as some of the others I have tried. When my husband kisses me he..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Coenzyme Q10 Wrinkle Control Lotion
I am 43 and have had very good results from this product. I've been using it for about a year, and I've had a visible reduction in fine lines and crow's feet. It doesn't seem to do much for heavier wrinkles, but the fine lines have just about disappeared... full text >>
Nivea Visage Q10 Wrinkle Control Creme
I have used Nivea Visage Q10 Wrinkle Control Creme for well over a year now. I have tried numerous skin care lines and moisturizers, and I find this to be one of the best skin creams I've ever used. For me, it does minimize the appearance of lines..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Q10 Wrinkle Control Creme
Nivea has changed its' Q10 wrinkle creme formula. For me, this new formula is not effective - it is heavy when applied and does not absorb. The older version was light-weight, smooth to apply and absorbed instantly. It worked well to keep my 50 y/o skin smooth and rather translucent... full text >>
No effect
Nivea Visage Q10 Wrinkle Control Creme
I have used the Nivea Visage Q10 Wrinkle Control Creme for well over 3 years. I have tried numerous skin care lines and moisturizers, and I find this to be one of the best skin creams I've ever used. For me, it does minimize the appearance of lines ..... full text >>
Nivea Visage Q10 Wrinkle Cream
I like a cream for a moisturizer/wrinkle cream. This one is OK but it has a strong scent and I can feel it on my skin, not greasy but heavy. Perhaps the lotion would have been a better choice and not as heavy. This one only has an SPF of 4 and I..... full text >>
No effect
Nivea for Men Revitalizing Lotion
I am a 23 year old graduate student that suffered with terrible acne for years. I finally grew out of that stage in my life and am now very appreciative of the remarkably healthy looking skin that I have today. I contribute my healthy skin to a num..... full text >>
Nivea Sensitive skin cleanser
Firstly, I have fine celtic skin which has become increasingly sensitised due to lazer hair removal and age (I am 41 but nil wrinkles, some roseacea - the product of caring for my skin since 11 years). However,it took multiple attempts to remove the product- washcloth and water... full text >>
No effect
Nivea Visage Simply Glowing
While many of the recent moisturizers have reflective qualities, many/most that I have found at this price point are too heavily reflective, making my late-30's complexion look either rough or too glittery. Contains a nice amount of mousturization, can be worn under foundations without being greasy... full text >>


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