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Skin Care Review: MAC Moisture Feed For Eyes

by Priya, USA

Adverse Effects

Seems to hide fine lines... if you use it under concealer!

Can REALLY sting sensitive eye area! Seems to easily glide into my eyes, as well.

Everything I have to say pretty much fits into the benefits/drawbacks, but here's the back-story. I got a gift certificate for 25.00 to MAC for my 20th birthday. They did not have make up such as foundation/concealer/powder that matched my extremely warm skin tone (but no line anywhere does, since I have South Asian skin). I did not really know what else to use my gift certificate on. The Sales Associate then made a big production out of my "fine lines," saying that if I use thier moisture feed for eyes, it would hide them better. I am only 20 and barely had anything (3 to 4 teeny thin lines under each eye), but I thought, hey why not.

It usually did help fill in my fine lines, but only when I wore concealer afterwards. [cough so i don't actually know which one hid the lines cough] But, as a regular-use preventative eye cream, it STINGS like every chem student's worst nightmare. It also keeps gliding into my eyes, no matter HOW careful I am, and then it's REALLY painful. I can't see until I wash it out.

This happens every time I put it on, unless I put it on right before I sleep. I think that closing my eyes, thus not being up and about, might prevent it from getting into the eye. And being asleep before the pain kicks in is a pretty good distractor. I'm thinking it was intended for day use too, though, since it doesn't say "night time use" on it. Otherwise, yeah, keep it as far away from the eyes as possible. On the rest of my skin it feels fine.

And this might sound terribly naiive...But I think eye creams are supposed to be put around the eye area. It has now been 9 months and I have double the amount of fine lines as before. I wonder if this product contributed.

I stupidly use it anyway, because I keep thinking it must be doing SOMETHING helpful. (Plus, it takes risk-taking youth like me a really long time to learn our lesson.) I wouldn't dare buy it again, but I just feel wasteful not finishing the .5 oz jar. I don't really know of other preventative eye creams for people my age, either. Maybe stinging just means it works?

Sensitive eyes will feel like they're dying.

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