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Skin Care Review: Meladerm by Civant Skincare

by catherine


It lightens your skin without irritation. Fast results if used 2x day.

At $50 per bottle, treatment can be expensive depending on how severe your pigmentation.

My anal area (including my inner cheeks) and a large area of my inner thighs and my elbows are very dark. Am very fair skin and being at least 10 shades darker down there does not look at all appealing! I purchased MELADERM after having tried another product called "AMAZING ANAL BLEACH" by a store based in California called "PINK CHEEKS". Their product was great but it contains HYDROQUINONE which has been linked to cancer! After 2 wks of using MELADERM, I started to see positive results. Its been 5 weeks and everyday i see results. I would recommend to anyone. it may take me at least 8-10 more weeks for me to achieve complete results. If i can use it on my ass, you can definitely use anywhere else on your body! Just as long as your diligent with the applications you will see results. One small bottle will provide 50 pumps. I use 4 pumps each time. One for my ass, one for each inner thigh, and divide one pump for each elbow. What remains on my hands, I use to cover some minor scars on my legs that have remained after some scratches and bites from my cat have scabbed and healed but left a slight discoloration. Best results are reached if you exfoliate first.The scent is very delicate.A little goes a long way which is great bcuz its not cheap!High quality bcuz the container has an airtight/Light free technology. When oxygen & light hits any skin lighting product,it ruins or degrades the lightning ingredients bcuz their very sensitive to those to factors.Meladerm addresses those two factors along with providing High quality ingredients!I would recommend to anyone. The website does not recommend ordering a large order the first time you place an order! They state that you should first try it out to see if you achieve results and then on your second order you can purchase any amount of bottles you wish. I know bcuz it happen to me. They canceled my first order bcuz i wanted 8 bottles. So I just ordered two so i can have enough to treat my large areas and when i did see results i placed my second order and got 8 this time. Thats what made me trust that what they said in the website was true and they were not out there to get my money.

They truly believe in their product and so do I!!!

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