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Skin Care Review: Exuviance Professional Ultra-Rich Restorative Creme (by Neostrata)

by Christie, TX, U.S.A.


Smashing ingredients and good ingredient percentages - professional strength.

Is a thicker creme and is just a tiny bit sticky.

I am 22 years old of mainly Jewish/German/English descent. I have very fair yellow-toned, very dry skin that is not sensitive overall, but has shown to be very sensitive to alpha hydroxy acids. Sometimes my skin flushes easily, but I don't think I have rosacea.

I have only been using this product for about 6 weeks. I was on a hunt to find SOMETHING that could aleviate my skin when I found it. Here's the very large nutshell: I went to a med spa to begin taking the optimal care of my skin - nothing was ailing me, I just wanted to do my best for my skin. After sampling 9 different products (I kid you not, I kept count, I would give the names, but I have forgotten most of them - I do remember Kinerase lotion, Kinerase creme, and NeoStrata Gentle Cleanser) from different lines I gave up and left with my face extremely damaged!! I would have never thought their "high-quality" products would have done that, especially when the spa director was hand-picking them for me to try because they were causing so many problems to me. I warn you. I, and they, honestly don't know what caused it, but I left with my face so dry that it was extremely uncomfortable and even cracking after trying what were supposed to be the top best moisturizers of all. But I wasn't about to try anything else they had to offer.

Because of that I made up my mind to never buy an expensive product again, and because I had been learning that top dermatologists agree that some of the best ingredients are found throughout all price ranges, and just because something is expensive doesn't mean anything more than the package is pricy. I tried Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Moisturizer with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, which seemed to be working fine and right away which I loved! So, I got brave and tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin Sensitive for the alpha hydroxy and vitamin benefits. And my face went bonkers, right back to where it was before. So, I went back to using Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, but this time things did not get better at all. My face hurt, it was so uncomfortable, and I was soooo frustrated. I had been trying new skin care products for about 2 months straight now, and was just ready to settle down. Before trying the Neutrogena stuff, I had been buying my products at Ulta and asked their advice. They automatically recommended this Exuviance product, which is formulated for very sensitive skin and includes tons of anti-aging ingredients. I immediately said no and pretty much ran the Neutrogena. When the Neutrogena did not help my skin and my skin continued to get worse, I went again to an expensive product I had sworn never to use out of sole desperation.

And it worked absolute miracles within the first half day. Within a few days my dry cracks and patches were gone, and ever since then my skin has felt smoothed and most importantly SOOTHED, as if it were constantly in a spa treatment. I've tried to steer away even again, because of it being a tiny bit sticky and not containing sunscreen. (It is formulated to be used at night as a restorative creme, however I use it during the day and apply a good sunscreen over it because the ingredients are so good, why only use it during night?) But I can't stay away because nothing has ever done this much for me. I haven't even seen all the results it has to offer yet because I haven't been using it long enough. Maybe there is a creme out there that works even better on my skin, but I haven't found it yet, and it is kind of hard to imagine.

Good luck!! Hope this was helpful.

I would definitely try it - I genuinely think the price is worth it.

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