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Skin Care Review: Juviederm injectable filler

by Teresa Acosta, Cairo, CA Egypt

No effect

lips did look fuller and the upper lip lines decreased.

Injections hurt. Used elma and ice during injections. Over 2 weeks, 2 vials.

Iced my lips during and the rest of day to prevent too much swelling. My lips did not fill out to give my lips the "pouty" look I was expecting to see. It gave me an almost "duck bill", extended out lips. Obvious to anyone looking at me that they had been injected with a substance. Within 3 weeks I could see that some of the fullness was already being reabsorbed back into my body. While visiting family in the states, I saw another plastic surgeon to ask about my procedure. Said some people reaborb the fillers much faster than others. It was gone by 7 weeks.

Disappointed that the lips didn't look pouty: and that the filler reabsorbed so fast.

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Where to find it
Cairo, Egypt


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