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Hair Care Tip: Lovely hula hair

submitted by Leilehua Yuen, Hilo, HI USA

Aloha! I have been a hula dancer for over 40 years, and now being almost 50 years of age still have "hula hair" which hangs past my fingertips.

I am often asked "How do you keep you hair so LONG." People insist I must use some special and expensive product and that I am holding out by not telling them. But no, my beautiful hair "secret" is something anyone can do, for no cost except the willingness to enjoy better health.

Great hair starts form within. So, eat a good healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, sufficient protein and calcium, and plenty of fresh water.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, caffeine, guarana, or other such things. I believe they inhibit your hair follicules absorption of nutrients. If you eat properly, you won't need them, anyway.

Avoid nicotine! Not only does smoking inhibit hair growth, but it makes your hair stink and your face wrinkly.

Keep your scalp scrupulously clean! Wash it every day with a mild shampoo. You don't need to scrub the rest of the hair. Just let the shampoo water drain through it and rinse it out - like hand-washing a fine silk blouse. Thoroughly soak the clean hair in conditioner, avoiding the inch closest to the scalp.

Protect your hair from abuse. If I will be in an environment where my hair will be subjected to a lot of wind, salt air or water, or smoke, I leave the conditioner in. The waxy coating keeps the hair from absorbing the damaging influences. I also will braid it, pin it up, cover it with a scarf, and/or wear a hat to protect my hair.

Get LOTS of exercise. Getting that nice warm flush for at least 20 minutes brings blood to the skin's surface, including on the scalp, and feeds the hair follicles so that they will grow stronger hair.

Have a positive attitude. Frowning cuts down on the blood supply to the scalp, as does stress. Life happens. You can't control it. But you CAN control your reaction to it.

Follow these tips, and your hair will be the best it can be.

Malama pono, Leilehua


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