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Diet Tip: Barley grass for acne

submitted by Jeana Davis, Tulsa, OK USA

Since puberty I've had acne, I thought menopause would solve the problem, but no! One product I've found to really help with my quest for clear acne-free skin is Barley Grass. The texture of my skin is improved and there are few acne outbreaks. No surprise the grass is full of vitamin A, about 2500IU, or 50% daily recommended supply. Other components are vitamin C, riboflavin, iron, and potassium.

One theory is that these "greens" help to alkalize an acidic body. I know that it works for me. I've run out and can watch the texture of my skin change, it's rougher and pores seem larger.

I choose organically grown tablets. Which is the dried grass pressed into a tablet. Ten tablets is a recommended serving per day, with 15 calories. This is a beauty tip that works for me. Better skin, smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, less ruddiness!


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