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Skin Care Tip: Why wash?

submitted by Stacey Holland, Glastonbury, CT 06033

Being a woman who has always been drawn to the drug store aisle displaying all the pretty bottles advertising beauty enhancing facial masks, scrubs, washes and the like, this was a particularly tough lesson for me to learn. Our bodies are not designed to be scrubbed free of oil and doused in acne drying toners. Our skin and the oil it produces can maintain a beautiful complexion through the act of Not Washing. Anything we rub onto our faces and over our skin (aside from the occasional moisturizer) serves to throw off our bodies' natural state - which is cleaner and healthier than anything we could reproduce from a bottle. Furthermore, we increase the signs of aging by the constant rubbing and scrubbing of our skin. My advice: get rid of all cleansing products except the glycerin soap (to be used sparingly) and the occasionally used good smelling shower gel. Bathe simply - you, water and maybe a little shampoo.

What results have I noticed after discontinuing the use of skin cleansers (aside from the occasional use of glycerin soap). Most notably, my skin breaks out less - this is not to say that it does not break out at all, but it is much less frequent and or noticeable. However, the biggest difference I noticed - absolutely nothing. I spent hours as well as hundreds of dollars buying and using skin-cleansing products - only to find out that they do not improve the condition of my skin.


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