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Skin Care Tip: Using Renova correctly

submitted by Laura, IL USA

Tip description / details:
I have been using Renova for about 5 years now, and I have no doubt that it works. It is not a "miracle" but it has most definitely evened out my skin tone and reduced many of the fine lines and sagging that was developing. This is more a preventive measure. It is not going to erase major damage, so it is important to start early, and keep up with it. At first there will be dry skin, redness or irritation, and flaking, but this is the "chemical peel" that you are getting in the first few weeks. In order to minimize this it is important to never use more than a pea sized drop per day, and also to wait until your face is completely dry, do not put it on right after washing your face. You can also minimize the adjustment phase by not putting it on every day, and giving your skin time to get used to the effects of the tretinoin. Renova is not cheap, but it is the ONLY product that has been clinically proven to actually change the structure and function of your skin. All other products, which can cost just as much and usually don't last as long since you have to use more than a pea size drop, are only doing some temporary tightening, or very minimal surface changes, nothing at the deeper skin level. Doing a Renova program takes some dedication to get through the adjustment phase, but I really think it is worth it!


How to prepare:

How to use:
see above

Results (observed by submitter):
My skin tone is much more even - it has reduced brown spots and scarring, and has even eliminated some of the unevenness in my skin. It has also tightened my skin, I have fewer fine lines, and I even see a difference in my upper eyelid having less "droopy" or extra skin that was starting to form there. Again, the adjustment stage will include redness, irritation, and flaking, but it is worth it!

Costs involved:
about $90 a tube


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