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Skin Care Tip: Wash your face with Spring water

submitted by Jackie

The most important thing I've learned with sensitive skin is what type of water you use on your face when cleansing. Tap water and well water cause me severe problems on my face - redness, dryness, breakouts, reactions, ruddiness, large pores, unhealthy skin.

If you buy Spring water, the inexpensive kind in the plastic gallon jugs at the supermarket, it's not only inexpensive but a WONDERFUL beauty secret!

Before I cleanse my face, I make sure my Spring water is the correct temperature because too cold is NOT good for my skin, tepid or lukewarm is best. If the water's too cold I simply place the closed jug of Spring water in a bowl filled with hot tap water for just a few minutes, that's all. Then just test it to be sure it's still not too cold or too warm before you put it on your face, of course.

I just pour some into a tall glass that I keep by the bathroom sink, splash my face with it, put on my cleanser, and then rinse with the Spring water - just pour some into your hand and rinse your face.

It's a little extra trouble, but really not that time consuming, and WELL worth it especially if you have sensitive skin and especially if your skin just doesn't feel right.

It's not the end to all problems, but in my opinion can be one of the best things you can do for your face.

Just remember the correct temperature is so important, extreme temperatures are so bad on your face.

Every time I try to use tap water I get the large pores again and the ruddiness and redness and dryness. I've tried water filters of different kinds, they do help, but for me bottled Spring water is best.


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