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Skin Care Tip: Preparation H for under eye puffiness and bags

While no one has studied Preparation H as a beauty aid, many beauty experts and users swear by it as a great way to reduce under eye puffiness, which typically occurs in the morning. It is important to minimize morning puffiness not so much because it is a transient nuisance after awakening but because it is one of the biggest contributors to the aging of the eye area. Puffiness stretches under eye skin and may eventually leads to permanent under eye bags.

The reasoning goes like this: if Preparation H can reduce swelling associated with hemorrhoids, it may as well be able to reduce the swelling around the eyes.

While it is best to address the causes of puffiness (see Eye Skin Care Infopack for details), Preparation H seems to be a good "emergency fix" for an occasional puffiness outbreak. Just apply a small amount in the areas of puffiness making sure that none gets in the eyes.

Keep in mind, however, that preparation H contains a very potent blood vessel constrictor phenylephrine. Excessive vascular constriction may have side effects such as headache. Do not use preparation H for puffiness more than couple of times a week and apply only small amounts.


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