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Skin Care Tip: Test your cleanser

submitted by Rise Rytlewski, London, UK

Why did I submit a "Test your Cleanser" heading under moisturizing? So many cleansers contain very dehydrating ingredients (water included) that they strip away your own natural oils and protection. Having a good cleansing routine is important. Your cleansing routine will have a knock-on affect to your moisture routine.

Here's the test: Wash your face as normal. Do not apply your moisturizer immediately. Wait and see how long you can go without application of your moisturizer. If you cannot tolerate your skin (i.e. it feels tight and dry), my advice would be to get rid of the cleanser. It's taking away all your natural goodness, which then puts your skin into a panic mode and will pump out oils to compensate for the distress you've put it through. (I bet you think you have an oily skin type as well!)

If you can last hours, you've selected a cleanser that doesn't upset your natural pH balance. Moisturizing is then an added benefit to your skin not an emergency action.

Depending on the time of year, I can use one my cleansers as a moisturizer as well. My skin not only is clean (not just feels clean), it doesn't feel like a new trampoline. I can comfortably go all day without a moisturizer and know that my skin is well balanced. I can use the same cleanser in the winter months when skin can be drier from the harsh cold so my it receives a boost from the cleanser and the moisturizer is allowed to it's job.


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