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Skin Care Tip: Combating dry skin with olive oil

submitted by Anonymous

Tip description / details:
I had horribly dry skin on my body. It would be so dry I would be uncomfortable when my clothes rubbed against it. I would put on body creams after taking a bath or shower but nothing seemed to help. I had white flakes of skin, most noticeably on my legs. I finally tried olive oil. I bathe in olive oil (pure, 100%, virgin olive oil). I apply it directly to my body when I'm in the tub - not to the water in the tub. My dryness is gone, and it left almost immediately -- within 2-3 days of my first "treatment." I don't know what it does to the water drainage pipes (I haven't had a problem, but my sister voiced that concern), but it has saved my skin. I use it daily when I bathe and sometimes after I shower, although that is not as convenient and more ends up my towel than on my skin because I take showers when I'm in a hurry. One thing to be aware of -- the clothes (pajamas) I put on afterwards usually take on an olive oil smell but I can live with that! I live in Minnesota and winter's are harsh on my skin. This treatment has helped me immensely.


How to prepare:

How to use:
I bathe in it.

Results (observed by submitter):
I love it! No more dry legs, arms, torso!

Costs involved:
3 month supply - approx. $8.00


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