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Homemade Skin Care Recipe: Awesome mask for much better skin

submitted by Naz, Montreal, Canada

Tip description / details:
I've seen dramatic instant improvements in : wrinkles, acne, scars, blackheads, skin dryness by using this easy home-made vitamin C face 'mask'. Also I should mention that I am a flight attendant/science student. As a flight attendant, I am exposed to very dirty air and dry conditions which propagate a variety of skin problems and issues and as a science student, I needed to find an intelligent solution to my problem. Knowing a little about the goodness of vitamin C for collagen reproduction and the importance of 'concentration' to drive a reaction forward (from chemistry), I believed this idea would work, and it does! If my trick works on my damage, it should certainly work on skin that's exposed to more 'normal' environments. Basically, you can use this daily or whenever you feel the need for a skin boost. It's a topical home made paste you make in less than one minute each time and can leave it on for at least 30 min to see some effect. From my own experience, when I leave it on for 2-3 hours, I see much better results. All you need is 2 ingredients! These 2 ingredients, I found at a health food store.

1 Camu Camu berries powdered capsule form (apparently highest concentration of vitamin C found in any fruit) ... ACTIVE INGREDIENT (I assume, the only...); 2- coconut oil

How to prepare:
Take 2-3 tablets of powder form Camu Camu berries, open the capsules by pulling on both ends (pull gently to avoid spilling everywhere!) and transfer the contents either directly in your hands or on a separate surface to mix with the coconut oil. The coconut oil is solid at room temp (at least the one I have) but it easily melts in your hand... This will act as your 'solvent/cream' . I never measure the amounts, I 'eye ball' it... Just enough to cover your face and neck, in solid form , an amount the size of two cherry tomatoes. Mix the 2 ingredients and apply to your face/neck/ lips ...

How to use:
Apply all over face and neck, let it work (minimum 30 min) then wash it off.

Results (observed by submitter):
Ridiculously amazing results! My skin is super soft and young looking after (great for smooth makeup application), my oily skin is moist instead of oily, my blackheads virtually disappear each time, my acne and redness reduce greatly, my under eyes look fatter instead of dark deep circles. My best secret!

Costs involved:
Roughly 40$ for over 2-3 months


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