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Homemade Skin Care Recipe: Pennies A Day Skin Exfoliation

submitted by Judith York, Dallas, TX USA

Tip description / details:
Twenty-five years ago, before exfoliating was popular, I had oily skin in the T-zone, dry skin in other places and occasional adult acne breakouts. I'd been to 4 dermatologists and spent hundreds of dollars. Nothing helped very much and I was quite frustrated and disappointed. I visited my country family doctor (I lived back East then) for a flu shot and we got talking about my skin dilemma. He said, "stop wasting your money... here's what you need to some Lava soap and keep it with your beauty stuff. Scrub your face with it every evening after removing your makeup with (I think I used Cetaphil even then). It will remove the dead skin cells and excess oil, unclog pores and you'll have cleaner, smoother skin. Apply a non-oily moisturizer. In the mornning, gently wash your face with Dove soap and rinse well. Use a non-irritating toner if you need it." Well I followed that regime ever since, only in the last 5 years switching to a commercial exfoliating scrub and even the plastic surgeon says I have the nicest, smoothest skin he's seen and wants to know my secret...I haven't told him b/c he'd probably be appalled -- he sells his own line of skin care products! This would be a great plan for teenagers with troubled skin too :)

Lava soap (has pumice -- a natural scrub), Dove soap (has moisturizer), Cetaphil (an oil-free non-irritating cleanser)

How to prepare:
Wet your face, rub the Lava between your hands and apply to face.

How to use:
Rub the Lava in with your finger tips or with a face cloth...sometimes, during breakouts, I also used a buff puff.

Results (observed by submitter):
Unbelievably smooth clear skin!

Costs involved:
Pennies a Day


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