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Dermal Filler: Micronized acellular human cadaveric dermis (Cymetra, Micronized AlloDerm)

Generic name: Micronized acellular human cadaveric dermis

Brand(s): Cymetra a.k.a. Micronized AlloDerm

Maker / Website: LifeCell Corporation (

Cost: about $600 - $900 per cc

Allergy test required: No

Durability: varies significantly; reportedly about 6 month on average

Function / Purpose:
Treatment of deep wrinkles, folds and furrows, particularly smile lines and frown lines; lip augmentation; depressed scars.

Essentially, Cymetra (a.k.a. Micronized AlloDerm or Micronized Allograft Dermal Matrix Graft) is specially-treated, micronized cadaveric dermal matrix. It is stripped off all cells and other components that might trigger immune reaction of transmit infection. It is shredded into small particles to allow injection via a needle, whereas regular AlloDerm has to be implanted via a small incision.

Cymetra is a micronized form of AlloDerm (see AlloDerm fact-sheet for details). But there are a few important differences to keep in mind.

Since Cymetra is injectable, it can be used on smaller defects (e.g. medium-size wrinkles and acne scars) than regular AlloDerm, which is an implantable sheet requiring a small incision and thus suitable only for more sizable repairs.

Cymetra appears to be less durable than AlloDerm (months as opposed to years). In fact, Cymetra is only slightly more durable than injectable bovine collagen and about as durable as other biodegradable fillers, such as Restylane. The main reason why Cymetra does last as long as AlloDerm is that is has far greater surface area (because it is micronized) and thus is more vulnerable to the skin matrix digesting enzymes (particularly matrix metalloproteinases).

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