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Nonablative Cosmetic Laser: Infrared lasers and systems (CoolTouch, SmoothBeam, Titan)

Generic name: Infrared lasers and systems

Brand(s): CoolTouch, SmoothBeam, Titan

Function / Purpose:
Wrinkle treatment, skin remodeling; treatment of acne, acne scars, sebaceous hyperplasia.

Infrared lasers and related systems utilize the wavelength range between about 1100 - 1800 nm (sometimes called near-infrared). There are a variety of such systems on the market, including but not limited to the following: CoolTouch (1320 nm), SmoothBeam (1450 nm), Erbium Glass laser (1540 nm), Titan (1100 - 1800).

As far as skin is concerned, the key property of the near infrared waves is that they bypass the epidermis and are absorbed throughout the dermis, causing dermal heating. Dermal heating with infrared waves has both immediate and long-term effects. The immediate effect is heat-induced collagen contraction, which may cause mild and possibly short-term skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. More importantly, the longer-term effect is skin remodeling, which takes place for up to six month after the initial heating. This may lead to a longer-term improvement in wrinkles and some skin tightening, although individual responses vary significantly. On average, wrinkle improvements are moderate: small and medium wrinkles and acne scars (especially pitted ones) often noticeably improve. Deep wrinkles, especially those due to facial movement, are less likely to get much better.

Some of the infrared systems, such as CoolTouch and SmoothBeam, appear to reduce acne. It appears that the treatment reduces the size and activity of sebaceous glands, inhibiting the production of skin oil, one of the factors causative factors in acne.

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