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Christian Dior Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Christian Dior Capture Essential Eye Cream
I have been using Christian Dior's entire Capture line but the Capture Rides Yeux, Wrinkle Cream for Eyes, is superb. I have always used good products on my face and eyes but this one is great. It can be used right down to the lashes and keeps your lids tight and ready for eye shadow... full text >>
Christian Dior Capture Eye Gel
For anyone sensitive to other products, I recommend you try this. I have used this for years and find it the only eye product I can use without irritation. Dior has updated the formula with more active ingredients that supposedly do more for lift and anti-aging, however, I end up with gooey, puffy eyes the next morning... full text >>
Christian Dior Capture First Action Serum
I was looking for a smoothing serum to use under my day cream and after reading positive reviews about Capture First Action Serum, I decided to give it a try. I first used it alone (no night cream on top) in the evening before going to bed . The nex..... full text >>
Christian Dior capture lift day cream
I am 32 years old. My skin is half oily. The forehead nose and chin are oily, the rest is dry. I have a little sagging in my cheaks. I have bought this product because I am generally very satisfied with Christian Dior products, especially capture eye..... full text >>
No effect
Christian Dior Eye cream 80/60
When I was in my 20s. one of my 40 years coworker looked pretty young, especially her eye area. She told me that she used the CD eye products for over ten years. So when I was 30 years old, I begin to use the CD eye care products. It does work for..... full text >>
Dior Capture R 60/80 yeux
I bought the creme while searching for a serious anti-wrinkle potion for my "crows feet". My beautician who told me that I had extremely dry skin and my wrinkles were too deep for my age (I'm 32). A shop assistant recommended the Capture series, saying that their staff beautician described the product as an "actually working" one... full text >>
No effect
Christian Dior Capture R60/80
Began using this about 3 months ago, after two weeks my daughter told me my skin looked younger (I'm 52) The key is to put this on very clean skin just before bed time. That is the way for maximum results for an expensive product, and then use it every night... full text >>
Christian Dior Capture Sculpt 10 Cream
This cream had an immediate effect on my skin, giving my very dry skin a soft and plumped fresh look even after a late night. Whether it really fulfilled its lifting function is, however, another matter as after using it for two weeks, as the condition seemed basically unchanged ... full text >>
Christian Dior Capture Sculpt 10 Focus Firming Eyelids
My eyelids had been growing heavy and slack since my late twenties. As the last attempt to avoid plastic surgery I tried this product, which is advertised as excellent to "correct slackening, puffiness and dark circles" It is also supposed to act above and below eyes with a firming action... full text >>
No effect
Christian Dior Capture X R 60/80
I bought the full range of products - serum, eye cream, day and night moisturiser and the flash smoothing liquid for under make up. However, they say that wrinkles should reduce by 60% in one hour and 80% after a month of using... full text >>
No effect
Christian Dior Capture XR60/80 Serum
I am in my forties and I have dry skin and undertake a daily skin care regime of cleansing, serum and moisturising. I wear make-up everyday. I also have a facial every 6 weeks I began using Capture XR60/80 12 months ago along with the 60/80 rich cream and eye cream... full text >>
Christian Dior Sculpting Fluid
It is supposed to lift and firm skin so wrinkles show less. It works ok in the eye area and produces a small improvement, but appears to do little if nothing on the rest of the face. The product poduces a dramatic difference over the whole face when demonstrated by the salesperson in-store but the effect is difficult if not impossible to match at home... full text >>
Christian Dior skinflash (skin highlighter)
Having tried so many different products to lighten the circles under my eyes to no avail..i discovered as many in my position do..Yves st laurent touche eclat/radiant touch. This is not so much a concealer as a highlighter..its alot lighter than a ..... full text >>


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