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You are here: Reviews > Product Reviews > Index by Brand > Renova

Renova Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Renova .02%
I reviewed this product a couple of mos. ago and was pleased, I am even more impressed after using it for 7 months. Skintone is even, pores are less noticable, and fine lines are somewhat diminished... full text >>
Renova .02%
I've tried most everything product on the market, inexpensive as well as very expensive. I have sensitive, fair skin and after using Renova .02% for the last 3 months I believe my skin is in better condition than before using this product. It has..... full text >>
Renova 0.05%
All in all a good product that works for fine lines and small wrinkles. I am 35 with good skin that is normal to dry. It must be used every night per instructions -wash face, wait 10 minutes, apply sparingly, to see results... full text >>
Renova 0.05%
I have been using Renova for quite some time, and the results have been unbelievably good. At first, it irritated my skin a bit, so I only did it every other night. I also stopped using toner on my dermatologist's advice. The irritation went away..... full text >>
I began using Renova a little over a year ago. It has brought color back to my skin and provided me with a more even tone. I am 56 years old, and have taken good care of my skin since my late twenties: using sunscreen and various high quality skincreams... full text >>
I have used this product for about 4 years now. Initially I used it very carefully and sparingly but now apply more liberally as part of a quick night time routine, after washing with mild soap. I find it is still effective, and my skin never gets ..... full text >>
I've read this product is the only product really shown to reduce the signs of aging. I've started using it recently to help with sun damage and for preventative help. To help combat the dryness, I am using a heavy collogan cream with it now and applying both together at night only... full text >>
Adverse Effects
After having used Renova for many months, close to a year now, I haven't found it to have reduced any wrinkles whatsoever. In fact the drying factor involved in the process may have caused more wrinkles to appear. It's also makes your skin very photosensitive, so you have to be constantly aware of this and wear sunscreen and keep out of the sun at all times... full text >>
No effect
Good idea to try product as it works better on some than others. It depends on how much one wants to spend and how much one knows about the products to make a good choice. I would reccomend doing research before purchasing any product to see the pros and cons... full text >>
This product was a waste of time and money. There was absolutely no visible sign of lightening or wrinkle reduction around my eye area. This product isn't worth the time spend applying and waiting for results... full text >>
No effect
This stuff really works. I am 47 1/2 and still do not have those little vertical lines between my eyebrows. It did not work as well as I had hoped on the sun damage/brown spots, but it definitely made fine lines disappear and keeps them at bay... full text >>
I started using Renova about three and a half months ago. My dermatologist recomended that I apply it twice a week for the first two weeks, every other night the next two weeks, then every night after that, and of course a good sunscreen every morning... full text >>
I've spent a fortune on skin creams and through diligent sunscreen use, and use of a wide brimmed hat when outdoors, my skin, at age 47 looked pretty good. However, you can't stop the clock and my skin just didn't look as bright and supple as it did even one year ago, which I suspect is from decreased estrogen levels and some weight loss... full text >>
Renova tretinoin
I am approaching my late 40's and have fair, combination skin. My skin aging complaints have primarily been about eye wrinkles beneath the eyes, and crow's feet. I was first introduced to it by a nurse in a dermatologist's office... full text >>
Ortho Dermatological Renova
I absolutely love this "magic potion". I've been using it for five years now. I'm thirty-eight years old and haven't a wrinkle on my face. When I tell people my age they are stunned and tell me they thought that I was twenty-five... full text >>


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