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Nonablative Cosmetic Laser: Long-pulsed YAG laser (Lyra) 1064 nm and combinations (Gemini, Cynergy)

Generic name: Long-pulsed yttrium-aluminum-garnet (YAG) 1064 nm laser. In some devices, it is combined with 532 nm laser or 595 nm pulsed-dye laser.

Brand(s): Lyra, Gemini, Cynergy

Function / Purpose:
YAG 1064 nm laser (e.g. Lyra) is used for the treatment of spider veins, broken capillaries, rosacea, facial flushing. Also, treats fine wrinkles and acne scars. Sometimes used for hair removal, especially in dark skinned individuals. Combining YAG 1064 nm with 532 nm laser or 595 nm laser adds the benefits of the corresponding frequencies.

Long-pulsed YAG 1064 nm laser has a relatively long wavelength, which allows it to penetrate relatively deeply - all the way to the lower dermis. As a result, it is effective in treating larger and deeper telangiectatic vessels (spider veins) compared to the shorter wavelength lasers. It is also effective in treating rosacea and facial flushing, especially the cases where deep dermal capillaries play a major role (such cases may be resistant to shorter wavelength lasers). Also, since this laser penetrates throughout the dermis (the layer of skin where wrinkles reside) it is useful for treating fine wrinkles and depressed scars. Similarly to a number of other directed energy treatments, it triggers new collagen formation by producing controlled heat-damage in the dermis.

Long-pulsed YAG 1064 nm laser is also sometimes used for hair removal. It is less effective for hair removal than shorter wavelength devices but is significantly safer for dark skinned people because it bypassed the epidermis (the outer skin layer) and hence is less likely to cause pigmentation changes.

Some systems combine YAG 1064 nm with 532 nm laser (e.g. Gemini) or 595 nm laser (e.g. Cynergy) adding the benefits of the corresponding wavelengths. Such systems can treat almost the entire range of facial rejuvenation problems that yield themselves to nonablative lasers. Cynergy laser is believed to be particularly effective for a broad range of vascular lesions, including difficult to treat spider veins and rosacea.

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