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MD Formulations Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
MD Formulations anti acne kit
I have only been using the anti-acne kit for about a week but so far I am liking the results, it dried up some of my blemishes overnight. I think I will eventually need a stronger moisterizer, my skin isn't as oily as the kit is intended for... full text >>
MD Formulations Anti-oxidant day cream
The cream promised to help fight the signs of ageing and deliver an anti oxidant punch in the morning to help skin fight environmental damage during the day. Although it was easy to apply and came with its own spatula i found this cream irritated my skin and didnt really leave my sking glowing as it had promised to do... full text >>
MD Formulations Bright Skin 6-Piece Kit
I was going to go with a more expensive skin lightener, but while shopping at Bare Escentuals (which i am big fan of) found this really reasonable 6 pc kit for 52. The first few weeks were great, the spots lightened and my skin absolutely glowed to the point where i had no makeup on and my spouse would keep remarking how great i was looking... full text >>
MD formulations Cleanser
I am now twenty seven years old and have noticed that my skin was building up with oil and dead skin cells. I have combination skin of normal and oily and have tried many products from the local pharmacies but have not been able to stay happy with any of them... full text >>
MD Formulations Cleanser
I am 42 years old, female and have had skin problems since puberty. Mostly mild acne, and a lot of red spots, as well as blackheads. A lot of information can be found on the internet nowadays, its really great... full text >>
MD Formulations Cleanser
An esthician recommended MD Formulations at a spa I visited earlier this year, after I complained my breakouts were due to small in-grown hairs. I was hesitant to try something I'd seen being sold on QVC and for $32. Additionally, it has a Cetaphil like texture so I was not sure this was going to be my skin clearing solution... full text >>
MD Formulations Facial cleanser
This product is very epensive but lasts a long time. My skin appears to be more balanced and less dry in the cheeks and less oily in the t-zone however the skin colouration has not improved as hoped. I have also experience less pimples but when i do get one they tend to be very large and slow healing... full text >>
MD Formulations Facial Cleanser
I've been using MD Formulations on a beauty therapist's recommendation for around 5 months. After the first two months I would get comments on how healthy and radiant my skin looked. As a teenager I never had acne, but once I hit 25 I had real probl..... full text >>
MD Formulations Facial Cleanser and Facial Lotion
The entire line of MD Formulations has worked wonders for me. I have very sensitive and congested skin. The action of exfoliation is not to harsh but at the same time I do see a difference and my skin appearance is one of less congestion and seems..... full text >>
MD Formulations Glycolic Cleanser
I am 21 yrs, have dehydrated/dry skin. I first purchased this after recommendation from beauty therapist. I had tried many things to get rid of pimples. She recommended a product with glycolic acid. Although it is expensive it is definately worth..... full text >>
MD Formulations
MD Formulations skin care line was expensive and had a good reputation. i bought all components, cleanser,toner,moisturizer and eye cream. it was amazing to me how ineffective these products were. they completely dried my skin out around all are..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
M.D. Formulations Total Protector 30
This product is a terrific every day sunscreen with SPF 30 (from chemical and zinc oxide) when I don't spend extended periods of time outdoors. It is particularly wonderful because it completely disappears on my skin... full text >>
MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Illuminating Serum
I recently moved to Australia from Europe. Even though I used SPF 30+ every two hours and tried to always wear a hat, I wound up with patches of obvious, brown discolourations on my forehead, temples, cheekbones and sides of my nose... full text >>
MD Formulations Vita-A-Plus Night Recovery
Vita-A-Plus Night Recovery has the following ingredients: 8% Glycolic Compound, pH balanced (pH 4. 0), 2% Salicylic Acid, 1% Vitamin A The advertising for Vit-A-Plus Night Recovery suggests that it will rapidly improve skin texture, refine pores, control blemishes,diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase skin resiliency... full text >>
Adverse Effects


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